Enhance your new product development optionality

While others emphasize processes or tools or business models, OpLaunch strives to help individuals improve their capability to synthesize new options continuously and enhance their proficiency to exercise options that are attractive within networks that develop new products.

When NPD optionality is enhanced, individual contributors tend to be some combination of the following:

  • Happier
  • More satisfied
  • More successful
  • Capable of making more progress
  • More effective
  • More efficient
  • More intelligent
  • More optimistic
  • More purposeful (less micro-managed, less hassled)

We help individual contributors enhance their optionality by enabling:

  • Better orientations
  • Pathways to proficiency
  • Strategies to Win

With enhanced optionality, individuals can improve their Development Experiences (DX).

Management receives better returns on development investments. Competitive advantage. Less grief.

Better Orientations

Orientation includes how an individual approaches a problem through the interplay of new information, previous experience, and analyses & synthesis. Orientation is shaped by theories, models, principles, and unfolding circumstances.

One’s orientation establishes the boundaries of the decisions that can be made and the actions that are possible.


Vision and Version interplay

Pathways to proficiency

While some organizations develop new products by assigning tasks to existing, available resources, our approach enhances the optionality of individuals so that they are more effective and efficient. Instead of the limitations of templates, tutorials, patterns, and checklists, our approach goes beyond compliance with explicit processes to training individual contributors to do things beyond their current ability, to do new things, to analyze the results, and to correct their mistakes. While some offer common incentivization techniques, the OpLaunch approach promotes proficiency.

We help individuals improve specific NPD skills. We design deliberative practice exercises to improve implicit coordination, cross-functional collaboration, mutualism, and the cohesiveness of efforts within development networks.

Strategies to Win

We embrace a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to new product development.

Instead of demanding a big design effort with rigid requirements at the beginning of a project followed by explicit execution, our approach promotes an interactive process of continuous learning.

While others emphasize processes with a series of handoffs and gates, the OpLaunch orientation approach capitalizes on set-based designs across multiple domains throughout development.

We design better development experiences to engage individual contributors. We increase the elements of motivation (such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose) to out-perform development environments characterized by procrustean rules, mediocrity, and apathy.

Our strategies include recursion (solving problems of the same form) and reductionism (splitting tasks to conform to existing silos). Our approach promotes simultaneous development efforts. Our approach capitalizes on diversity in the development network.

Why enhance your NPD optionality?

With NPD enhanced optionality, individuals transition from their roles of specialists to become better new product development contributors.

This approach is more powerful than cross-training. An engineer does not need to become a marketer. A marketer does not need to learn how to code.

Rather than maintaining functional silos, the OpLaunch approach capitalizes on domain diversity. A specialist can practice their craft in new, powerful ways to accomplish the objective - adding value to the development effort. Our approach facilitates pair development to synthesize options that are informed by the analyses of multiple perspectives.

Pair Development

This approach promotes qualities such as flow, and harmony.

When you enhance your NPD optionality, your development experience (DX) improves and the development experiences of your colleagues improves.

This approach improves the current and future capabilities of individual contributors.


Improve your development experience (DX)

OpLaunch helps individual contributors develop their innovation capabilities by enhancing their NPD optionality. We use a Development Experience (DX) approach within consulting, coaching, and training formats. We help individuals and groups in online and on-site sessions in hourly, project, or retainer arrangements.