New Product Development Services

OpLaunch provides interdisciplinary services to enhance the development and launch of new products and services in the technology sector.

Design Services

These services provide strategic and tactical plans critical to development and launch success.

Our Development Experience (DX) and Launch Architecture services provide a robust, system-level design to complete all of the development within the project constraints. They include the entire launch environment from the macrolevel of selecting product features and communicating product benefits to the microlevel of developing the search engine optimization strategy.

We develop launch plans that go beyond show-and-tell events.

NPD-tuned Development Services

NPD-tuned development services provide an enhanced version of services for a collaborative new product development environment. Our development contributions quickly align with other development efforts to produce outstanding launch results.

The OpLaunch video, and training development services are tailored to improve communication from your development group to your intended audiences. Everyone (including your competitors) has access to video services, presentation programs, and web tools. What drives the choices for incorporating specific technologies to enhance the product launch results? What differentiate providers like OpLaunch is expertise in new product development. We have the background to work with your subject matter experts (such as engineers, scientists, product managers, and executive staff) to produce rich media experiences that achieve the intended business results.

Trade show services are designed to improve early sales when your potential customers are evaluating your products and those of your competitors at high profile events. We can assist you with demonstrating your products and communicating the benefits. We can work synergistically with your in-house marketing communications group, your public relations specialists, and your booth designer. A unique service that we provide is assistance in selecting representatives to participate in the events and developing/delivering the associated training to achieve maximum results for the current and next product launches.

OpLaunch Prototyping services allow developers to visualize and test virtual prototypes of products or services using technologies (such as video, graphics, animation, and software toolkits) in combination with techniques (such as interface design, instructional design, and assessment) so that you can test and refine your new product ideas.

Contact OpLaunch to shape your new product development success through training

To inquire about specific ways to improve your new product or service development results through training, I invite you to start a Development Experience discussion.