New Product Development Training

Training session with Mark A Hart, NPDP of OpLaunch

OpLaunch designs and delivers new product development training for technology-centric contributors including scientists, engineers, business analysts, strategists, and company executives.

OpLaunch shapes new product development success through training by focussing on interactions in new product development networks.

Synergy hypothesis of new product development (NPD)

The results produced by an NPD effort are defined by both their skills of the individual contributors and the environment.

New product development training for shaping individual contributors

OpLaunch individual contributor training enables individual contributors to build their domain-specific knowledge and elevate their NPD, system-level expertise.

Note: The phrase 'individual contributor' is used here as a general term for project contributors such as designers, engineers, programmers, and market specialists.

This training enables developers to improve their effectiveness and persuasiveness by improving their ability to collaborate with other contributors. Increased collaboration among the traditionally autonomous and often competing disciplines is imperative for NPD success.

Training to improve the development environment

The emphasis for this training is to create and maintain the appropriate development environment to match your current and future business needs.

Training topics can include:

  • Development Experience (DX)
  • Launch-driven development
  • Team situation models
  • Deliberate practice
  • Disintermediation
  • Implicit and explicit coordination
  • Set-based design
  • Synergized power-ups
  • Embracing the system view and the component view
  • Synthesis approaches and analytical approaches
  • Increasing synergy and reducing antagonism in the development network
  • Reducing disciplinary sequencing

Contact OpLaunch to shape your new product development success through training

All training courses and workshops will be customized for maximum relevance to your current and next project needs. To inquire about specific ways to improve your new product or service development results through training, contact OpLaunch.